Tuesday, 19 May 2015

OUGD602 - PPP3: Personal Branding

For my personal branding I have decided not to change it too much as I didn't feel as though it was necessary. The only thing I have changed is my logo. I have used Gill Sans MT Pro to produce it and feel as though it represents me as a designer quite well.

In total I have produced:

- A business card
- CV
- Invoice

I also designed an envelope but don't feel as though it is really necessary for me to have one which is designed specifically. Because in the future I would simply buy a pack of them and print directly on top. I have also bought a domain name which is www.laurabrucedesign.co.uk, but the live website is currently being designed and will be ready for the end of year show. I didn't want to rush it for the purpose of this submission and wanted to be able to have all of my photographs of updated work to put on there too. 

My invoice is clear and straight to the point and my CV has been updated with a main focus on all of the work experience I have gained over the past three years.

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