Tuesday, 28 April 2015

OUGD602 - PPP3: Momentum Worldwide Work Experience

Week 1 at Momentum Worldwide - Manchester
On my first day working at Momentum, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to every member of the team individually. Since then, everyone has been so friendly and I have been fortunate enough to work with different people every day. 
Prior to starting my placement I had expressed an interest in some of the ASDA work I had seen at the agency showcase event, the ‘Momo Hello Show’ (Pot Noodle experiential).  
To my surprise and utter delight I was asked to work on a brief for ASDA, specifically looking at retailtainment during my week at Momentum. I absolutely loved being involved in this brief and particularly enjoyed working closely with Neale and Lauren who opened my eyes to the world of copywriting and art direction.
The three of us spent a full day working on concepts and it became apparent to me just how much I love working on this part of a creative brief. I even found that I was asking myself at the end of the first day whether I would be happier and more suited to being a designer or a junior art director. When I think about the briefs I have been working on nearing the end of my degree, a lot of the time I have the most fun when I am experimenting with concepts and prototyping design ideas. 
When I wasn’t working on this brief, I worked alongside head of design, Julian to try and make amendments to some designs for Nescafe. This consisted of lots of meetings and constant feedback and allowed me to understand what it would be like working as a designer at Momentum. I have really enjoyed working on this brief too as it has been very insightful and actually quite challenging at times. The brief itself was also very different to anything I have worked on before, and demonstrated to me just how diverse the projects here at Momentum are. 
Working at Momentum has been a refreshing change for me. I have worked at several other studios prior to this placement, but this has to be one of the friendliest and most inviting. I had always considered myself as a ‘graphic designer’ until now. I have started to question the career path I would like to take and have already started to consider the possibility of applying for the graduate programme here. 
There are so many opportunities within the creative industry to explore and consider. This is why I view placements and studio visits as being so important. If I hadn’t engaged with any work outside of university it would have been much more challenging for me to understand where my strengths lie. All of the choices I have made since starting my degree have helped to inform my practice at present. 
I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and feel extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity before graduating. I have already learnt so much and I am really looking forward to what next week has in store for me!

Week 2 at Momentum Worldwide - Manchester

During my second, and final week at Momentum, I once again had the opportunity to work with new people every day. At the beginning of the week I was tasked to work on some identity designs to be used within Momentum. I really enjoyed this as it allowed me to be as creative as possible and produce a variety of different designs to choose from. For the same brief, art director Lauren and I were also asked to go into town and carry out some research into current trends in shopper design and tech. This is something that I always do when starting a new brief at university, as it is so important to be aware of successful and unsuccessful existing work, and personally, it also kick starts the creative thought process. 
I was then introduced to the 3D team who started off by showing me some examples of their work. This included briefs for Cadbury's, Boots, Stella Artois and Dulux, to name just a few. This was really interesting as it gave me the opportunity to discover the wide range of projects and disciplines that Momentum is involved with. For the rest of the day, I went to a briefing with 3D and was asked to produce some graphics for one of their current projects. This was really refreshing and exciting, as I love seeing 2D designs come to life in a 3D form. 
On my final day, I was briefed by the Creative Director, Oli, who asked me to work on a brief which Momentum worked on late last year and is ongoing, so it is possible that one of my ideas could be used! This brief also gave me an insight into what it would be like to work as an Art Director at Momentum. I was tasked to develop concepts throughout the day, with one interim meeting, and then to present back to Oli and Lauren at the end of the day. I was really pleased with the positive feedback I received and feel as though I ended my placement on a high! 
Overall, my experience has exceeded my expectations by a long way! Although I knew that I would enjoy it as soon as I first visited the office, as there was such as positive and friendly atmosphere, the reality of it has been even better. I feel so fortunate to have been involved in so many different briefs in the space of two weeks and have learnt so much in this period of time. I hope to work at Momentum again in the near future and have decided that I will definitely be applying to the Momentum graduate scheme!


I had been asked by the Creative Director to write the above posts for their blog on the Momentum website. I was flattered and wanted to make sure that I wrote in as much detail as possible. A lot of people in the studio said they had read the blog post and made me feel so welcome, I would absolutely love to go back there and have everything crossed for the graduate scheme.

This in the link to the blog posts on their website:

Monday, 20 April 2015

OUGD602 - PPP3: Nick Munro

One of my friend's knows Nick Munro who is a British designer. They put me in touch with him and he has asked me to package a teapot which has been designed for the Queen. I am yet to hear from details from him with a detailed brief so that I can get started on this work. This will be an exciting brief to work on, and I am hoping to start it when we finish the end of year show so that I can focus more attention on it.